Running Days: 135 Total Deposited: $ 353106.90 Active Investors: 288 Visitors Online: 3 Started company: Jul 10, 2017
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We care about our investor fund safety. We have the best security in market, installed in our servers.
About the platform of Bithonest Ltd

We are pleased to introduce you to Bithonest Ltd, British company founded in 2017. The company has launched this automatic platform that’s perfectly Bithonest Ltd for investment. Here you can independently monitor your funds: make any number of deposits and earn revenue from each of them on an ongoing basis, including weekends and holidays! Today the company offers a few investment plans with daily accrual up to 30%! Any invested amount that is more than 0.001 Bitcoin will bring you daily profit that can reach a fantastic result from 300% to 900% per month!

Bithonest Ltd effectively operates in the cryptocurrency market, that's why the only payment instrument is Bitcoin. With its help you can make deposits and withdrawal requests which by the way are processed instantly! You can withdraw your first income next day after the start operation of your deposit subject to availability of required minimum amount.

Besides, to popularize investment platform online and outside the Internet we offer a three-tier system of referral rewards. You don't even need to have your own deposit to enjoy benefits of affiliate program and earn up to 5% from deposits of people you referred. Agree that this is an excellent opportunity to earn money without investing a penny.

Investment proposal

Due to technical experts and financial managers, in 2017, Bithonest Ltd has entered the investment market, offering its clients favorable conditions of trust management. Your first income, as well as all subsequent ones, is accrued on the balance of the account once in every 24 hours from the moment of deposit placement. The minimum amount for depositing is 0.001 Bitcoin.

Depending on the amount of your deposit, your daily earnings range from 11% to 30%. Your deposit becomes part of the company’s financial assets and can not be returned - it is working on an ongoing basis, and brings you a daily profit throughout the period of the company’s operation. To increase the investment amount, you can make an additional deposit, their number is not limited.

The profit withdrawal is available once your balance reaches the amount equal to 0.0005 Bitcoin and more. In order to receive payment, you need to create a request that will be processed instantly.

11%Daily forever
12%Daily forever
13%Daily forever
15%Daily forever
20%Daily forever
30%Daily forever
Minimum:10 USD
Maximum:1000 USD
Daily Withdrawals
Ref. Commission:5%-2%-1%
Minimum:1001 USD
Maximum:2000 USD
Daily Withdrawals
Ref. Commission:5%-2%-1%
Minimum:2001 USD
Maximum:3000 USD
Daily Withdrawals
Ref. Commission:5%-2%-1%
Minimum:3001 USD
Maximum:5000 USD
Daily Withdrawals
Ref. Commission:5%-2%-1%
Minimum:5001 USD
Maximum:7500 USD
Daily Withdrawals
Ref. Commission:5%-2%-1%
Minimum:7501 USD
Maximum:10000 USD
Daily Withdrawals
Ref. Commission:5%-2%-1%
Calculate your potential profit!

For the convenience of investors, we have developed a simple and intuitive profit calculator. Please note that your profit is calculated once a day at a rate of 11% -30% depending on the size of your deposit. If you have two or more deposits, your investments are not cumulative - profits will accrue for each amount once a day in due time. To calculate your profit, enter the deposit amount and the number of days. The income you get during this period will be calculated. We remind you that your deposit is working on an ongoing basis and is non-refundable.

Total profit: +0.000555 BTC
Convenience of using cryptocurrency with cards from Bithonest Ltd

Get quick access to your cryptocurrency with payment cards, emitted by Bithonest Ltd. Clients with a deposit of 5 Bitcoin can take advantage of this offer and order the card, due to which the currency exchange, input and withdrawal of Bitcoin gets incredibly simple! You can order a map of the class that is the most convenient for use in your country.

We will send the card directly to your home after verification of identity and physical address. The term of issuing and shipping is not more than 30 days! For more information, feel free to contact our customer support service via email >> click here