Running Days: 135 Total Deposited: $ 353106.90 Active Investors: 288 Visitors Online: 3 Started company: Jul 10, 2017
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We care about our investor fund safety. We have the best security in market, installed in our servers.
About company

Bithonest Ltd is a modern British company, which is in continuously developing and professionally growing in the markets of computer technologies, Bitcoin mining and financial investment. Undoubtedly, the success of ultra-modern and marketable business allocates our company against the background of similar investment solutions, making our proposal more profitable and safer. Development strategy that we use, allows us to generate a steady income without risk for the main financial assets. Starting in 2015, Bithonest Ltd is involved in the development and improvement not only algorithms for Bitcoin mining but also of new types of cryptocurrency. At the initial stage of development, Bithonest Ltd has selected the work with attracted investment capital; it has helped to implement several major projects for purchase of modern and heavy-duty hardware.

In 2017, the management of Bithonest Ltd took the decision to launch of an international program for investors: today anyone can be our customer, invest Bitcoin and receive a guaranteed profit every day thanks to the excellent financial performance of the company. Having our own high-performance ASIC hardware, headquarter, regional offices and a team of professional managers allow mining of cryptocurrency 24/7, giving great financial results in the form of hourly earnings! We are focused on long-term work, and encourage all to use our investment services.

Bithonest Ltd was officially registered in 2017 under the number 10646887. Checking the data of the company and its founders is available at this short link:

Affiliate program of Bithonest Ltd

For all who wants to earn extra, Bithonest Ltd offers benefits of the affiliate program. In your personal account you'll find a unique affiliate link, which you can use to register new investors. Each investor who is registered via your link will bring you a guaranteed reward - 5% of each of his deposit!

But that's not all! We offer three levels of affiliate rewards. This means that you earn not only on deposits of your referrals, but also on referrals from the second and third levels, getting 2% and 1% respectively. You can earn even without your own deposit. All affiliate rewards are accrued immediately after your referral adds deposit. You can withdraw these funds or use them for a new deposit.


The partnership program has three levels - 5% -2% -1% - this means that you earn not only through your direct referrals, but will also be rewarded if they attract new investors!

What customers say about Bithonest Ltd?
Despite the fact that the company is young enough, we have enough experience to successfully conduct business and fulfill obligations to customers. We have already thousands of beginning investors around the world who joined us. And that's what they can tell about the investment opportunities of Bithonest Ltd!
The main differences from others

The most notable difference between Bithonest Ltd and other similar investment companies is an eternal work deposit and you will never, under no circumstances get it back. Instead, you only have to invest any amount that is above 0.001 Bitcoin to make money every day, forever, until an offer of Bithonest Ltd still is active. We promise that your profit is accrued every 24 hours, including weekends and holidays. Accruals can't be stopped for even a minute and are from 11% to 30% depending on chosen plan. To take advantage of the investment proposal, you need to make a deposit (send payment to the proposed Bitcoin address). Note that Bithonest Ltd accepts and pays income with only Bitcoin, the most popular and commonly used type of cryptocurrency.

If you want to grow and develop with the company, the possibility is there to make multiple deposits. Each of your deposit will have its own terms. This means two of your deposits will generate profits twice a day.

Withdrawals of profits are available once your balance is 0.0005 Bitcoin or more. Any of your withdrawal requests will be processed instantly.

Why people choose Bithonest Ltd?

Before offering investment services to clients, we carefully developed and prepared automated platform as well as got the necessary experience. If you choose Bithonest Ltd as your reliable financial partner, you can be assured of a high degree of professionalism of our traders and financial experts.

We watched the emergence and rapid growth of cryptocurrency and took an active part in market trade and exchange to eventually offer the best investment terms to our customers. We are only able to offer the conditions under which your deposit will run on an ongoing basis, bringing you steady income up to 30% on a daily basis.